Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Interview with Thomas Malott Part 2

Which is your favorite shaker and why? And do you have one with a personal story?

This is an unfair question; I don’t have a favorite, I have many. Of course I love my Empire for superb design and construction, I love my Lady’s Leg for its crazy, over-the-top style, I love the Farber Bubble, I love my rolling pin, I love an unknown, and under appreciated, cone-shaped with black stripes shaker, I love them all.

Is there still a cocktail shaker or bar item you have heard about but never seen? Something like the Holy Grail of Shakers?

I’ve only seen pictures of Desney of Paris and a green glass fire extinguisher. A cobalt Lady’s Legg is a myth, I think.

What do you think about modern bar design; i.e.; the Flip Top shaker by Metrokane?

I have a Metrokane. It’s oaky. I prefer a 3-piece shaker. The Nambe Twist is beautiful as is the Faberge cut cobalt to clear. I own them both. The later was a gift from my son.

Do you think reproducing vintage shakers is a good idea?

NO! While I think that everyone should have access to beautiful design, copies need to be clearly marked as such and so many of them are not. Restoration Hardware sells copies of some of the more desirable copies of rare shakers; they fortunately clearly mark their reproductions. I was recently working with a reputable antique dealer on an Asprey Thirst Extinguisher. They had a fake, but to verify this I had to consult the research department of Asprey! The listing has still not been removed (they still claim Asprey contracted to Turton which is why their shaker has the Turton hallmark). As the prices of the rarest shakers go up, we all need to be vigilant of fakes

What are your future projects and plans?

I will continue to look for unusual examples of fine design, but I will not mortgage my house to pay for a rare shaker. I think the fun is in the hunt and I will continue hunting!

Can you tell us a few homepages where we can find further information about shakers and bar ware?



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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello. I found a very unusual shaker that I was wondering if you have ever seen before. It is shaped like a snowman with three balls, the smallest on top. It has a wooden handle and jingle bells on the side. At one time it had 4 bells but only 2 bells remain. It weighs 2 pounds and the base appears to be chrome and the top appears to be silver plate or similar, maybe another gold metal too. If you know of anything, I would love to hear about it. I can give pictures if you want.