Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Interview with Mauro Mahjoub Part 1

A bit about myself:

My 25 years in gastronomy consists of a mere 20 years behind the bar. My career began as Commis de Bar at Hotel Bristol in 1982 in Beirut, Lebanon, where I saw my first cocktail but couldn’t have imagined that a couple years later I’d land behind the bar myself. In 1989, after my military service in Italy, I wound up in Bologna, working at Harry’s Bar. While there I began taking seminars and competing in cocktail competitions. Two years later I managed a four-star hotel bar in my hometown in the Abruzzo region of Italy. I worked between managing hotel and club bars until I left for Munich, Germany, where I was head bartender at a few bars.

How did you get started collecting?

As a passionate bartender and bar owner, I am interested in all things bar-related. I first started collecting bar/cocktail books about 20 years ago and then got into cocktail shakers 12 years ago.

How many shakers do you have and how do you store them?

I have over 300 shakers–most of which are on display in my academy, the Campari Academy, in Munich, Germany. The rest, and favorites, are on display at home.

Which is the oldest and which did you buy last?

My oldest shaker dates back to the 1880s and I recently acquired a group of Parisian shakers from the 1920s.

Which is your favorite shaker and why? And do you have one with a personal story?

I really like the first electric shaker from 1919.
Years ago I got a great deal on a beautiful shaker from the 1920s in Milan, Italy–for just 30 Euros.

Is there still a cocktail shaker or bar item you have heard about but never seen? Something like the Holy Grail of Shakers?

The Imperial Cocktail Shaker from the late 1800s–I’m still searching for it!

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