Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Interview with Mauro Mahjoub Part 2

What do you think about modern bar design; ie; the Flip Top shaker by Metrokane?
Modern design is interesting but I still prefer vintage shakers.

Do you think reproducing vintage shakers is a good idea?

No, it takes away from the flair of the old shakers. Another negative aspect is that people can be cheated, being sold a reproduction as an original.

What are your future projects and plans?

I plan to start offering private seminars more often in my academy, the Campari Academy. Loaning out groups of my shakers for exhibitions, like one coming up in Cognac, France, will be a new avenue for sharing my collection. And, as always, to continue my research on the history of the bar, discovering new information increasing my shaker collection.

Can you tell us a few homepages where we can find further information about shakers and bar ware?

My friends’ websites: http://thejazzage.com and www.cocktailshakers.com.
And as far as books go, the legendary Vintage Bar Ware from my friend Stephen Visakay, of course.

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