Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Alessi Shaker

Beim Stöbern im Internet habe ich diesen kleinen netten Beitrag gefunden. Ich hoffe er ist für euch ebenso interessant und informativ wie für mich:

Nothing maketh a party like a cocktail sharer borne to lust. Shakespeare never said that. But if he were alive today and set his eyes on this gorgeous cocktail shaker he’d spurt out something similar to my humble attempt at verse, or better of course. Designed in the true Georgian tradition the Alessi Cocktail Shaker by designer Sylvia Stave is a glorious tribute to the pub traditions of the 1920’s. The origins of this piece of cocktail royalty have been hotly debated. Earlier, it was attributed to Marianne Brandt (Bruckmanna Silber Lexicon, Munich 1982, and H. Wikmann, Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, 1995). Later studies by Peter Hahn, the director of Bauhaus Archive, have now found the design to be a creation of the Swedish Sylvia Stave. With such an intriguing history behind it, the designer shaker is a modern classic. Made of mirror polished stainless steel, the shaker is a part of the ‘Alessi Officina’ collection and with a cool 100cl capacity mixes drinks in a jiffy. Though it measures in slightly rounder at 18 cm height and 13.8cm diameter, it’s a must have for all 1920’s theme home bars!

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