Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

Restoration Hardware

Seit wann stellt Restoration Hardware eigentlich Reproduktionen von Shakern her, wurde ich gefragt.
Immerhin haben sie alle paar Monate einen neuen Shaker im Angebot.

Hierzu habe ich einen kleinen Ausschnitt aus einem Bericht über Stephen Visakay rausgesucht:
His last exhibition was in The Museums at San Francisco International Airport, and was viewed by an estimated twelve thousand people every twenty four hours for eleven months. Visakay is quick to add, “whether they wanted to or not” they had to travel through the concourse to reach the terminals. Many travelers got off the people moving walkways to return to the start and view the long display on foot.

One of the viewers was Stephen Gordon, Restoration Hardware’s founder and CEO, according to an interview with Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine in 2000. “An old martini shaker caught his eye. It was functional, yet stylish…had a sense of history, a story to tell, … Besides, it was cool” He called Restoration’s in-house design team to get down to the airport pronto. A few months later Restoration issued a copy of a 1936 Penguin Cocktail Shaker, followed by a Rooster, then a Zeppelin. A whole line of barware followed.

Alles klar?

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