Dienstag, 17. März 2009

Interview with Jim Walker Part 2

Is there still a cocktail shaker or bar item you have heard about but never seen? Something like the Holy Grail of Shakers?
Off the top of my head I really can’t think of any that I’ve heard of but not seen, at least in pictures. Now as far as Holy Grails, that list is long! Of coarse the Manhattan set, Wallace Roster, all the Ladies Legs. Like I said that is a long list.

What do you think about modern bar design; i.e.; the Flip Top shaker by Metrokane?
As far as useful goes they are great. I only own a couple of modern shakers that I use to make cocktails on occasion. Mostly I use vintage shakers though. With over 500 why not?

Do you think reproducing vintage shakers is a good idea?
I think as long as they are not being sold as vintage they are great. I own a couple of the Restoration Hardware shakers myself. Some the shakers they reproduce are very nice and the originals are just out of my price range.

What are your future projects and plans?

I am currently finishing my book “A Recipe for Design”. It covers the history of recipe cocktail shakers, recipe devices, and some of the classic cocktails. I am also putting together a book the Vintage Bar Ware Symposium at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans in July. Stephen Visakay, Mark Bigler, and I will be talking about vintage bar ware and cocktail shakers. We will also be giving away over $1000.00 in vintage bar ware and cocktail shakers. Check out www.talesofthecocktail.com for more info.

Can you tell us a few homepages where we can find further information about shakers and bar ware?
There is Gary Grahams site http://thejazzage.com/ were he sells wonderful shakers and bar ware. Also Mark Bigler has a site http://cocktailshakers.com/ were not only sells cocktail shakers but displays photos from his private collection. Then there is Peter Weissnegger who has photos of his collection online at http://www.shaker-man.at . The Atlanta Antique Gallery has a very good selection of bar ware and shakers http://atlantaantiquegallery.com. Last but not least is my blog Shaken & Stirred. http://shaken-stirred.blogspot.com I talk about shakers, bar ware, cocktails, and the history.

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