Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Interview with Sven Almennig Part 2

Do you think reproducing vintage shakers is a good idea?

Why not? However it would be great to see modern shakers take more care with regards to quality and durability rather than just copying vintage forms and shapes. I think there is a real opportunity for someone to produce high qualiy cocktail shakers and barware. Unfortunately this is hard to come by these days.

What are your future projects and plans?
Am hoping to keep working in the bar indusry for years to come. Am hoping to soon open a bar where I can display my favourote shakers, bar tools and cocktail books. I really believe that these great items help create a link to a time when the art of the cocktail was more widely appreciated by people.

Can you tell us a few homepages where we can find further information about shakers and bar ware?

Am sure you know them all already:


Be sure to watch this great video made by ABC about Sven and his shakers:
There are some shakers I haven´t seen in "action" jet.

Sven, thank you for the great interview and the link to the video.

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