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Interview with Sven Almennig Part 1

Personal information:

Sven Almenning
Director of Behind Bars Industry Services, Australia’s largest bar Industry consultancy outfit
Sven @

How did you get started collecting?
By necessity almost. I was working on some training modules for bartenders where I was hoping to inspire some passion for our industry and to really impress upon them the proud history of bartending. I purchased a few shakers, and was immediately bitten by the bug

How many shakers do you have and how do you store them?
My collection is not huge, however I believe I have a lot of great items. It’s probably around the 100 mark at the moment, (more if I counted trays, glasses tools etc). Currently they are stored and displayed in my office for my daily enjoyment.

Which is the oldest and which did you buy last?
I am not 100% sure which are the oldest although I do have a few shakers which apparently date to the late 19th century (If i’m to believe the antique stors where i purchased them).

My latest shaker was a ruby skyscraper with gold stripes. Awesome!

Which is your favourite shaker and why? And do you have one with a personal story?

I LOVE the Gorham Artillery shell shaker! This was one of the first shakers I really set my eyes on buying, and one of my favourites to use. I love making a smoky Talisker Rob Roy in it!

Is there still a cocktail shaker or bar item you have heard about but never seen? Something like the Holy Grail of Shakers?

Mark Bigler told me about a huge Lighthouse shaker he’s got. I think the price tag was around $20,000. I think Visakay also has one that he once lent to Dale de Groff at the Rainbow Room. Sounds incredible…

What do you think about modern bar design; ie; the Flip Top shaker by Metrokane?

I think most modern shakers lack imagination and focus on quality. My favourite modern shaker is probably the Carl Mertens double tin (looks like a 3 piece, but is just two tins). Am using this a lot at the moment.

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