Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Interview with Mark Bigler Part 1

Personal information:
Mark Bigler
markbig @ aol.com
Ogden, Utah

Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions; markbig @ aol.com

Before I start, let me say collecting cocktail shakers in Utah is very unusual because Utah has not typically been a place associated with drinking, liquor, wine etc. Although happily, lately we are becoming much more open minded. Regardless, there are not many vintage shakers to be found here so I’ve had most of my finds elsewhere.
I have been a collector on eBay since April 26th 1998 with 100% positive feedback when actually I wish I had been smart enough to buy their stock instead of just buying and selling.

Personal information?
I’m married and luckily my wife Sharee is very understanding. I have a beautiful daughter, son, three grandkids and two fun but challenging Yorkshire Terriers who are the only ones still living with us.

How did you get started collecting?
Many years ago I started collecting bar paraphernalia in anticipation of a small basement cocktail bar that I was intent on building in my home. I was given a new cocktail shaker one Christmas and I loved it. Well, a few months later I saw an older glass cocktail shaker with a brass top in an antique store here in Ogden, Utah and bought it. Well now since I had two, I guess that amounts to a collection; the search was on.
Not too long after that I read a magazine article by Stephen Visakay (who is the KING) which even made me more interested. I wrote Steven, he wrote back with much useful information and I was hooked!
Years ago my little bar was finally built and of course I had to have more shakers.
I’m now in a new home and thanks to my patient and understanding wife Sharee I am building a special room to display my collection, and of course to also have a cocktail while enjoying them. Call if you are in town!

How many shakers do you have and how do you store them?
It depends on if you ask me while my wife is around or not. Just kidding! I have around four hundred shakers. I display my favourites around the house and in an antique bar I fixed up. I have many in storage but as I mentioned earlier, I am in the process of building a room just to display them.

Which is the oldest?
I have an artillery shell shaker which is inscribed from the early 1900s, it is not an actual shell, but one made to look like it and it was presented as a trophy.

Which did you buy last?
I just purchased seven ruby shakers all the same day with most of them having sterling overlays. By the way, I bought all of them on ebay for a great price. There are still many great deals out there if you know where to look

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